Eisai is pleased to announce that the £11.5m investment in buildings and new production lines is now complete. This increases the size of our operation and brings into service two new state of the art packaging lines.

Following a succession of approvals and reimbursements across the world for a cancer therapy, Eisai announced in November 2020 that it was expanding its facilities to triple production to meet global demand.

This latest expansion, with more planned, is the latest in Eisai’s 14 year journey in Hatfield, UK. During this time our operation has gone from supplying medicines in a handful of European countries to supplying them all over the world.

The manufacturing operation at Hatfield shares a site with Eisai’s EMEA headquarters and regional research and development functions. The site operates as a strategic hub specialising in the manufacture of tablets/capsules and the packaging of these alongside bottles and vials. The two new lines brings the number of production work centres to fourteen.

This continued growth in our business and the new lines have directly led to the creation of new jobs at the Hatfield production site in the UK. Positions currently available include: production, engineering, warehouse, quality and technical roles. More information on these as well as all vacancies at Eisai can be found here.

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