Flare is the University of Hertfordshire’s competition to help students and alumni launch new businesses or develop an innovative idea. It offers budding entrepreneurs support and training in areas such as writing a business proposal and offers prize money to help bring their ideas to life.

Eisai was proud to sponsor the ‘Innovation in Healthcare’ award for Flare 2018 and the winning entry this year was for a product called Memory-Band. 

This is a wristband designed to aid and improve the quality of life for both people with Alzheimer’s disease and those looking after them. Worn by the patient, the wristband works in conjunction with a mobile app to detect when a person is agitated and requires assistance. Support can then be provided by directly speaking to that person through the device, or by activating a pre-recorded message from the carer to reduce distress. 

Memory-Band is due to launch at the end of this year with additional features such as location tracker, fall detector and reminders to be included in the future.


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