Disclosure Payments

Eisai fully supports the transparency requirements in the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations' Disclosure Code, local codes of practice and local laws, and is committed to making public the details of all transfers of value made to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations. At the same time Eisai is committed to complying with applicable data protection laws, which may impose limitations on the ability to make disclosures on an individual basis. We recognise that, in some countries, healthcare professionals may have the right under data protection law to decline consent to the publication of transfers of value on an individual basis and when this happens, we will disclose such transfers of value at an aggregate level. At Eisai, we are dedicated to demonstrating integrity and transparency in our interactions with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations.

All our affiliates also disclose through the proper channels in accordance with local regulations. The countries below are using this website as a platform for disclosure purposes. Please click below for further details.

human health care

hhc helps to focus and motivate all of us who work here at Eisai, whether we are researching potential new medicines, conducting studies, working in manufacturing or informing healthcare professionals about our medicines.