EMEA Knowledge Centre (EKC)

Eisai's EMEA Knowledge Centre

At the EKC, collaboration contributes to the increasing benefits to patients and their families in Europe.

Opening its Doors

On June 26 2009, the EMEA Knowledge Centre (EKC) officially opened its doors as Eisai’s regional headquarters unveiling a 14.5 acre site incorporating marketing, medical, supporting functions, a manufacturing plant and research laboratories, bringing the many functions of a pharmaceutical company under one roof.

The site, based in Hatfield in leafy Hertfordshire, brought over 500 new jobs to the area. It currently has over 600 employees including 60 research staff and 200 clinical development staff.

A Centre for Collaboration

The idea of bringing together all these functions was to encourage teams to meet, communicate and work together, encouraging the creation and sharing of knowledge. This led to the name the EMEA Knowledge Centre (EKC).

The site has been designed to be a modern and flexible working environment and all facilities have been designed with accessibility in mind. Over the years there have been further developments in line with the company's evolution and aligning with Eisai's sustainability objectives - more information of which can be found here.

Specialist Facilities

The EKC in Hatfield includes the following functions.

- Manufacturing, packaging and production
- Discovery research laboratories
- Marketing and operational headquarters

At the EKC, Eisai can advance its regional business strategy, fulfil unmet medical needs, ensure a stable supply of high quality medicines and provide information on drug efficacy and safety.